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[IP] judgment calls before home BGs

> How on earth did someone make a judgement call on how much insulin to take
> with glucose strips - before they had meters?
> Kap tested 187 on meter prior to dinner
> then had basketball practice for 1.45 hrs
> then tested at 287 on meter - he had a bottle of water during practice
> session.
> I had asked his ped for a bottle of test strips for protein - since he
> protein being present in the urine was a indication of infection.  This
> wanted a way to tell when infection was causing b/s to stay up.
> Curious as to how someone made judgements w/ glucose test strips.
> And if anyone else uses protein test strips to test for infections.
> Thanks for Listening!
> Darlene
> (Mom to Kap) - age 9

HOW did we make a judgment call before home BGs?  WE DIDN'T!! If we were
sick and vomiting we tested for ketones. If none, we were sick. Many of us
had one shot a day of NPH/R or Lente/R to cover the whole 24 hrs. Scheduling
had to be regular: 7 a.m. shot EVERY a.m. on the timing was under/over the
next day and threw off the following day. The best thing about the Good Ol'
(60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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