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[IP] Heart Disease and Diabetes

From: "Tara" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] heart disease and type 'a' personality....
Lately I've been having symptoms that scare me.  The first episode went 
this: I was sitting down watching tv after dinner and started to feel short
of breath.  I got up and then felt dizzy.  I then checked my pulse and it
was 60/bpm. This has happened a few times in the last month.  I checked my
bg and it was 126.  I told my dr. and she is sending me for an EKG. I read
some articles on the web about heart disease and diabetic women. Pretty
scarey.  Supposedly, symptoms for heart disease in diabetic woman are hard
to pick up because they affect the small blood vessels not the large ones.
I am also a type 'A' personality and get stressed easily, which is another
reason why I'm worried.  Can anyone offer any advice as far as getting the
tests that will find the problem if there is one?

IDDM 16 years, pumping 8 months

Just yesterday I had my first visit to a "Lipid" specialist (Pulmonary), 
although symptom free, I had an elevated Lipid Profile (called a VAP) 
showing the LDL(a) almost twice the number is "should be".  My Endo 
recommended him, and they are across the hall from each other at the 
Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham, AL.  This Doctor, Dr. Jere Segrest, assisted 
in a study done for Zocar.

Several thousand people were studied and it was found that diabetic women, 
even with good control, have a 16 times greater chance of having a stroke 
than men or non diabetic people.   He said that all diabetic women would be 
wise to consider themselves as someone with heart disease.   Although my 
cholesterol levels (good and bad) are fine, he said he was going to look at 
me as someone with heart disease and prescribed 10 mg Zocar as preventative 
medicine, like taking that baby aspirin every day, which we all ought to be 

Thought you might be interested in that.   As far as getting stressed and 
being type A personality, I was also.  Then I got diabetes, started 
meditating, and life is good, and much calmer.  Now I don't even have a 
problem with "road rage".  Meditation really has done wonderful things for 
me.   Just Food For Thought.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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