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[IP] Consistent Inconsistancy

THIS SITE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  I'm slow and cautious, but after reading 
here about kids and growing and the inconsistency of ratios and basals, I 
felt confident and yesterday made significant changes in Summer's (10yo, 
pumping since July) basals.  I finally got it. I'd been waiting weeks for her 
to settle down again into the pattern she'd been in before getting sick, and 
it never happened.  All we've been doing is a cycle of corrections and highs, 
for weeks.  I was beginning to hate pumping.  Last night her readings were 
not just better, but perfect.  I took advice and also added a new basal field 
for her afternoon grazing.  I now understand that the adjustments will be 
constant, and we're back in control.  Without this help it would have waited 
until her next endo. appointment in Feb., and that is too long.  I was wrong 
to be too hesitant, but am right to access this site and learn and apply.  
You all need to know that we (mostly) silent listeners are very much 
participating in our own way, and grateful for your generous support,  
experience and knowledge.  Holly
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