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Re: [IP] MM and repair of new pump

At 04:36 AM 12/16/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >   Anyway, the point of this is : usually he replies with a simple
 >"thanks"...but when I forwarded your story ( which was actually someone
 >else's reply to YOUR initial post that I'd deleted), he wrote back asking 
 >your name & more details!!.....So now I'll forward this one too...Guess when
 >they saw the reply with Alfred Mann & Terence Gregg's name & address, their
 >"antenna" went up!!!

To tell the truth, I had thought about Jack Joy, but then forgot to add him 
to my reply. Thanks for doing that. Nothing better than to raise a few 
antennae once in awhile... we don't want them to get rusty due to 
inactivity and complacency. :-)


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