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[IP] Re: Insulin antibodies - info appreciated

>I recently had my blood checked for insulin antibodies.
>Anyone have some good info or experience with insulin antibodies?  I always 
>appreciate good detailed information, specific references, etc.

I know when Shane was younger he developed antibodies to ultralente. His
insulin intake kept increasing until he was taking many 100s of units a
day. None of the local docs could figure it out.  Finally he got sent to
Mayo where they tested for this (local docs had never heard of such a
thing). Since then, he had been taking lente (or NPH) and regular for
many years before switching to Humalog and pumping.  We believe he
developed some antibodies to the lente as well (hasn't been tested for
this tho), although not as dramatically as he did to the ultra.  His
lente needs slowly increased over many years' time. After starting the
pump (thus eliminating long acting insulins) his insulin needs
dramatically decreased, to where he now averages under 30 units/day (he
needed 50-60 units on MDI, and still ran high). He has shown no signs of
becoming resistant to either regular or humalog (in fact 1 unit of H can
lower him as much as 80 points). Sorry I don't have any more detailed
info on this topic, I will have to ask Shane if he knows of any. Please
let us know also of any additional info you find. thanks,
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