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[IP] gastro update - venting

So I went to the doctor today and even though I obviously have known that
something was wrong for a while, I am just down down down in the dumps
today.  They did a bunch of blood work (which took them four tries to find a
non-scar tissue covered vein that they could actually get blood out of - the
first time in 17 years of blood tests that I've ever cried) and I'll see her
again friday.  Initially she has some ideas to try but I guess the "big"
news was that she doesn't think it is gastroparesis.  I received that with
mixed emotion - while I of course do not want a diabetic complication, it
was at least something I was more prepared for that I knew I'd get someday
probably anyways.  Now, off the top of her head she said IBS - but there
were lots of things to rule out before we made that determination.  And even
though it is WAY too early to feel this way since we don't have a diagnosis,
if it is something like IBS - well, it's another thing that doesn't go away.
And crazy as it sound this stomach thing is a lot more lifestyle restrictive
to me than diabetes.  I used to love working out - today I left the gym in
tears of frustration because I felt so sick I quit after a few minutes.  I
tried.  I've also gained weight since I have been more inactive which just
makes me feel worse.  I am just very frustrated... I'm echoing the "why me?"
thread of a few days ago.... sorry for venting y'all but I just needed to
spill it.

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