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[IP] Re: which pump?

I'm sitting at my computer, changing my infusion set as I read the salvos of
the pump wars.

>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:09:45 -0800 (PST)
>From: Steve Lazarus <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] which pump to use?
>Flame? Well, if Dubjut can express his opinion, then
>why can't I?  Please let
>this be an open forum, with FACTS as the basis for
>opinion.  If I am not
>informed, then why on earth should I read this forum?
>Facts and opinions together can make us all better.

The Undisputed Facts:  Unlike myself and Steve, most of the Americans and
Canadians on this list have chosen to pump with MiniMeds; more Europeans are
using Disetronics.  Everyone had his own reason or default for her choice.
It's hard to make a change once we have the pump.  Several on this list have
changed from brand to brand.

Letters like Steve's are really meant for those who haven't made a choice
yet.  It's a little more pointed than some of the others mailed to the list.

Someone once wrote me that it is less controversial and more productive to
take it to private e-mails.  I've tried it and it causes me less stress.

Choosing a pump from info on the the list; prospective pumpers can get a lot
of information about the pump models if they monitor the problems the
readers write about.  OTOH, that does take a while, and I've been reading
longer than most of those here today.  So I'm sometimes tempted to repeat
them.  I'll try to beat back that temptation.

I want this guy to remain on the list.  He'll probably make a great

An anecdote in response to the car analogy,  I have owned two Cadillacs (one
1988 new, one 1984 used) and a Toyota ('71 Land Cruiser, nearly new), and
the Toyota was better built and far more reliable.  The 1984 was the better
of the Caddys.  And for both autos, the Cadillac hierarchy (dealership and
manufacturer) refused to be accountable for their products (blaming each
other, customer pays, what else is new?).  And both Caddys fell apart by
100K miles.  I sold the Toyota for more than I paid for it, the only example
of automotive $ appreciation experienced in my life.

Richard in Austin, Texas, USA, live music and E-commerce capital of the

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