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[IP] Choice of pumps

Well, I guess I have now seen what people on the list warned me about pump 
wars. Relax people!!
I am not going to say which pump I use because that is not important. I 
remember oh so well quite recently asking the same question. It is really 
hard trying to make a decision about an expensive piece of technology that 
you are going to be living with 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.....and the impact 
that it will have on your life. Both pumps are durable, reliable and have a 
great support line along with them.
Visit the two sites for the pumps and order the info: video and literature. 
Call the reps and talk to them about the different features. You need to get 
familiar with some of the terms and standard features and how they work in 
the pump. There is a book out called 'Pumping Insulin' by John Walsh which 
is very informative. If you can wait, I have heard there is a new edition 
coming out in early 2000.
If the reps are willing, you may be able to arrange to use a loaner pump 
from each company for a period of time if you are having a difficult time 
deciding. There may be a particular feature that is important to you but not 
to someone else. Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is a real learning 
Best of luck to you!
Carolyn Green
P.S.- I Love Toyotas ( my hubby works there) and I sure wouldn't mind a 
Cadillac!..They both do the same thing as other brands of cars though!LOL!
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