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[IP] Meter Comments, etc.

Thanks to all who offered their comments on the Dex meter in response to my 
original post.  I expect to test against both the Elite and the Dex for a 
while longer before I decide what is best for me.

On another matter, I would echo the sentiments of those who feel that the 
tone of the Lazarus post on pumps was uncalled for.  Facts or not, tone and 
attitude are critical to communcating and eliciting information from others 
in a public, voluntary forum.  Most people are smart and cautious enough to 
sort through facts, opinions, promotions and plain old venting.  Just like 
any forum made up of everyday people, we should be taking much of what is 
contained herein as helpful and useful, but not gospel.  If we want full 
participation, we need to careful about how we treat each other.  And the 
next time you feel the urge to challenge someone, have your spouse, or 
friend, or someone give your post a read.  You might be surprised how it 
sounds to someone else. 
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