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Re: [IP] Hungry child

l know what your going through, my 12 year old daughter has the same thing
happen to her, she can have great bs's for awile and then out of no where
come these 200's so l up her basil until things settle down, this is very
hard for me to do since l don't like to see her on alot of insulin but if
her own pancreas worked it would be kicking out a whole lot of insulin when
she was going though a growth spurt. l would let her eat what she needs and
treat with extra insulin.
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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 1999 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Hungry child

>> What do you guys do when your child is high (Summer has been high
>> for 3 weeks; 300-400s) and wants to eat, eat, eat.  I understand she
>> feel hungry, all that glucose trapped in her blood and not getting
>> released, but I can't get her down because we continue to bolas,
>> snack, bolas, snack, bolas, snack.
>>  She cann't go without eating just about every hour on the hour.  I
>>  want her
>> to stop eating, so I can get her down at least once!  Would you say
>> no if your child was starving?
>I wild guess would be that her basals are off. With Lily, there were
>dramatic basal requirement changes that produced results just like
>you are seeing. If I recall, other parents have experienced similar
>highs when their kids have gone into growth spurts. Insulin is the
>only hormone that lowers bg's so it doesn't appear like you have a
>lot of choice in terms of what you need to do. Lily's doc simply
>advised us to be careful and agressive if we thought it was right.
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