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Re: [IP] FYI BAtteries ;and other MM order nightmares - long

I placed a 600.00 order with MM last week.  I told them that I wanted to SIGN 
for it when it is delivered to insure no misunderstand when I do not receive 
it.  I told then to please deliver it on Wed. or Thurs.  They also offered me 
a free product because of the size of my order.  I requested a leather case 
for my 507C.  I was very clear about this because the last leather case I 
received was for a 508 and it had to go back.  She assured me that there 
would be no problem because MM has me down as owning a 507C.  Well, Wed. and 
Thursday came and went. Late Thursday afternoon, I called MM and was told 
that FedEx delivered the 600,00 worth of supplies to me and that I had an 
agreement with them (FedEx) that did not require a signature.  I explained 
that I have never personally done business with FedEx and she had to be 
mistaken.  She spoke with her boss who said that she would replace the 600.00 
worth of supplies this one time.  I did not want to be associated with the 
missing 600.00 worth of supplies so I called FedEx.  Part of the supplies 
were shipped from Florida and the rest from Calif. and they decided (MM) that 
a signature was not necessary and that indeed the supplies were delivered on 
Web. but to a different address by mistake.  FedEx agreered to retrieve the 
package and I told them to send them back to MM and I would get a fresh 
order.  I explained all of the above to a MM supervisor and she said that I 
would receive the new shipment on Mon.  If I had not gotten involved in this, 
 the order might have been lost and cost everyone money.  Within a half and 
hour the FedEx person was at my door with the order that was retrieved.  
Instead of sending it back, he was now trying to deliver it.  I sent him away 
and was to receive my new order on Mon.  Monday comes and goes.  At 5:00pm I 
call MM and they assure me it went out and that I now have to deal with FedEx 
and they will give me the tracking numbers.  They just don't get it.  I only 
do business with them.  I order the supplies and pay the money.  How it gets 
here should be their problem not mine.  FedEx tells me that all overnight 
orders have been delivered for the day but two day orders may be delivered up 
until 7:00 PM.  If they would have sent it overnight, it would have been here 
by 10:00am. 6:00pm it arrives and the driver tells me that it was scheduled 
for Tue. delivery but he managed to bring it that day. I am glad it did not 
come Tues. because I would have not been home to sign for it and more time 
would have been wasted unnecessarily.  The order was short glucose tabs and 
the leather case was for a 508 not a 507C.  I now call the district mgr. 
person and he assures me that he will tract down the glucose tabs and 
exchange the leather case and that yes I should only have to do business with 
MM. Lets see how long it takes to get the last part straightened out.  Just 
disgusted.  What a waste of everyone's time and money.  

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