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Re: [IP] anger issues in children, missing school, thanks

I wanted to thank all of you that responded to the problem on the issue of
anger and missing school. We have been giving her little thing b/c of all
the extra test we have asked her do(found out today she didn't do the tests
we asked for, will post about this later). I tell her that I kind of know
what it is like to have diabetes, b/c I had gestational diabetes and had to
do the things she has to do now, and I understand some of the feeling she
has. I know that I only had diabetes for a short while, but I still
understand how it makes you feel different. She tells me that it is
different, b/c I had it for a short time, and she has it for a lifetime. She
is right. We are now going to have her see a therapist, I think this is best
for now.

Eve is a member of YIP, this way she could talk(e-mail) to other kids that
have diabetes. I have suggested that she post things there, but she hasn't.
She tells me that she doesn't know what to post.  I will talk to her about
e-mailing privately to those that have given me their address. Thank you
very much, I really appreciate it.
All of the kids she met at diabetes camp live too far from us or she has not
phoned or written to them. I have encouraged she do so, but she hasn't.

I also make appts. for drs so that we will have time to have lunch(she gets
to pick the place to eat, and she always picks a better place than Mc
Donalds :-) ) or we make an afternoon out of it. I try not to make appts.
when she is on school vacations b/c she said she felt that all she did on
school vacations was go the doctors. I know she can't have it both ways, she
just doesn't want to go to the doctors.

Sorry this is so long.

Thanks again,

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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