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[IP] Re: Humalog and Weight Gain

It's my understanding that since insulin is a growth
hormone, the more you use, the more weight you'll
gain. Of course, YMMV....

Since starting the pump about a month-and-a-half ago
(on Humalog), I've actually lost 10 pounds. I asked my
endo about this, and he mentioned that as long as my
basals are correct, and I'm bolusing the correct
amounts, my weight shouldn't fluctuate. I'm not sure I
completely agree with that, though. Just for the sake
of argument, if I start eating a high-carb diet and
cover it with the correct amoung of insulin (i.e., my
BGs are normal), it would stand to reason that I'd
gain weight (just like non-diabetics do).

Best wishes,

Brad MacDonald

To all who are listening, I have two questions at
1) Does Humalog make you gain weight? (I just started
pumping it and ama
little chunkier a week later after starting)
B) Is the "unused insulin rule" the same for Humalog?
Private responses welcome to email @ redacted   
Thanks, Cindy

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