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[IP] FYI BAtteries

hey all-
 Someone may have already posted this..but... MM
screwed up my order in 2 ways..1. I specifically
requested 675G batteries b/c my pump flies through
357s, and instead they sent 357s, and 2. they only
sent one box of reservoirs, I clearly requested 2.
 Supposed to send another box of reservoirs..I have
yet to receive those.
 HOWEVER, a new pack of batteries DID come today...and
the pink sheet said, send 675G ONLY. What did they
send...357 of course. I called the # someone gave me
after I complained last time (they have yet to get a
single order of mine right) and she was upset,a nd
talked to her supervisor..they don't' selll 675G's
anymore b/c they don't give you the low battery
warning soon enough...so she just told me to keep my 2
packs of 357s...
 Anyhow, just wanted to share...so you probably wont'
get 675G if you request them and there is a reason.
 (who was low at 3am and ate so much) then high and
found out my site,  a rapid in my butt quit
working..no clue how, i put it there last night!
Anyhow sky rocketed and that made for an intereesting
(crappy) day at schoool...

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