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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis rears it's ugly head AGAIN!

In a message dated 12/15/99 1:52:29 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Any

suggestions of helpful things to do or what I might have them check for? >>


So sorry you're having such problems.  Gall bladder problems might be one of 
the easier possibilities to fix, actually, so try not to be too worried about 
it.  I most commonly get angina just to the left of center on the level of 
the top of the breast, so that might be the kind of heart attack pain that is 
compared to gall bladder pain.  I assume heart problems have been eliminated 
as possibilities? (diabetes can bring it on much earlier with diabetic women)

I am also finding that medication is not very helpful to my gastroparesis 
these days, but luckily I have lots of times when it doesn't seem to bother 
me.  When I am having the nausea, I try to avoid any high fat or protein food 
and eat small meals.  It helps to have things available to eat that don't 
require any thinking about beforehand, or I might get too nauseated to eat 
them - that before dinner hour often seems to be a particular problem if I 
have to be preparing food, so I cook in the morning or late evening (but I 
know in previous years it was the morning that bothered me most, so not only 
YMMV, but MMMV - my mileage may vary).  And though it is sometimes hard to 
get started, exercise seems to help it with me -- maybe just gets things 
started?  (although when I exercise with the food just sitting on my stomach, 
I can get a really bad stomach ache -- and of course the blood sugars are 
unpredictable - but they are anyway under those circumstances)

If you find any doctors who have a real interest in gastroparesis, I would be 
very interested.  

Linda Z
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