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[IP] Re:my pump is the superior pump of the universe

Well. . . here we go again with the quest for pump superiority.  Actually, I find Dubjut's assessment to be pretty balanced, and he clearly states that it is his opinion, not gospel.

> 1) obviously knows nothing about Disetronic products and 2)is not
> acknowledging the 508C software problem.

In fact, he says this about the software problem: as for the software probs.their not that big a deal, they sent all the
508 users a mailer instructing us on how to deal with the prob. Until they send us all new 508 pumps after the first of the year!!!!

I have experienced no problems with my new MM 508 in the past month.

> Your doctor should make the decision, not you.

I have to absolutely disagree with that statement.  My doctor would never presume to make that choice for me.  After all, it was my $5000 that purchased the pump, not his!  In fact, when I asked my CDE which pump she would recommend, she said they were both excellent and that it was really up to me.  They each have some unique features, and those features are important to different people for different reasons.

> Dubjut's arguments are fallacious, and they are the arguments that Minimed's sales people are trained to use.  Sounds like a Minimed shill to me.

Call me crazy, but I don't think he had an argument.  He just stated his opinion.

> Minimed is just now getting input into upgrading its Softset.  Disetronic doesn't have a Softset, but at least the sets they
> have   work as expected and are comfortable as expected.

Huh?  I'm not sure what you refer to here.  I personally have been happy with the sets I've used--SofSets, Micros, and Silhouettes.  But there is always room for improved comfort and ease, and I'm glad to see any company striving for that.

Here's the crux of it: There are 2 (soon 3) good pumps on the market.  They basically do the same thing, but each has some unique features.  You can't go wrong.  Take a look at your options and choose the one that appeals to YOU most.


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