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Re: [IP] Clinitest

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 05:41 PM 12/14/1999  Jessica Marder wrote:
>  >actually when i was diagnosed.. ('89) i was taught how to use clinitest,
>  >various strip urine checks, visual finger sticks and meter finger
>  >sticks...
> Amazing... when I was diagnosed in early 1979, Clinitest was not even
> mentioned. It was strictly the strips and tape that we used.

When I was diagnosed in 1992, no mention of urine or visual testing was
done at ALL. I was only trained on the use of a meter.

I discovered the testape myself, and bought it for curiosity's sake. It
was a good thing, too, because I discovered that I have a very high
urine threshhold -- I don't spill until I'm over 240. 

I still think urine testing is good for those times when you suspect you
might have BEEN high, like during the night, and you want to see whether
you need to change your regimen. If you're spilling sugar in the
morning, then you know you need to spend an all-nighter or two! Which I
don't want to do unless absolutely necessary!

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