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Re: [IP] expensive meters

>How many of you have bought a meter? I have had at least 5 and have not
>purchased any. There are rebates on top of rebates from most of the
>companies to get theirs into your hands. They know that it isn't the meter
>that is so costly, but you must then buy their strips. If anyone is about
>purchase a meter, check the sales and rebates first. Many will even take a

I "bought" the world's most expensive, pain in the backside meter through
one of those great-looking "free meter" ads you see in many of the current
diabetes magazines, from a "too good to be true" mail-order medical supply
company.  I knew my insurance was paying 80% of the cost of strips for me
(the call-in deal was "buy 100 strips, get a FastTake free), so I called in.
During the phone conversation, I specified several times that the only way I
wanted to get this great deal was if my insurance would pay for the strips
at their usual percentage- I was NOT interested at all in paying full price
for 100 strips, when I currently didn't have to.  The nice phone rep. took
all of my insurance info & assured me that they never process this kind of a
transaction without verifying with the insurance co. (Anthem BC/BS of Ohio,
in my case) that all will be covered as usual.  Well, I've been engaged in a
lovely battle with Home Medical Service for more than 2 years now over
payment on this.  They billed me for close to $300 for the strips, about a
month after shipping them.  I called & was put on hold forever & not allowed
to speak with a human being...in the many times since then that I have
attempted to reach them, I've given up after about 45 minutes of
electronic-voice runaround.  I found that my insurance does NOT cover
purchases from them (lesson learned...check that out first, always)...in
which case, they should not have processed my order at all, per the phone
rep's assurance.  I know that it is well past time for me to do something
about this...I just haven't been motivated to take on the aggrivation that
accompanies taking such action before.  I'm thinking that maybe over the
Yule school break, I'll give myself the gift of taking whatever steps are
needed to get this settled, once and for all.  Thank you, IPers, for
inspiring me to action!


P.S.  I'm one of those (maybe few) who has had a great relationship with her
FastTake...it's not the meter I'm unhappy with, it's the erronious billing
procedure that's got me all fired up.  Thanks for letting me vent!  :)

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