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Re: [IP] Glucometer Elite vs Dex meters

Steve, I have had exactly the same experiences as you describe with the
Dex.  Some people like it and that is fine. But for me, the numbers were
much more variable, and it does indeed require more blood (despite what the
ads say).  Also unlike the Elite which has a little visual indicator to
tell you when you have enough blood, the Dex has nothing like that.  I
carry the Elite in a pocket, and found the Dex too big compared to the
Elite.  Unless you have other physical problems, it's not so hard to open
individual strips.  I threw my Dex in the trash.

<<<<<<<<<<<I have been using the Glucometer Elite meter for some time and
have been very
satisfied, particualrly with the small amount of blood required (3
microliters and soon to be 2 with their new strips), and the accuracy of the
meter.  However, my endocronologist gave me a Dex meter (also by Bayer) that
has the strips contained on a disk thus eliminating the need to carry around
and tear open the individual strips.
My problem is that I find the readings to be jumping around a lot, and
generally higher than the Elite readings.  I also think it requires more
blood, but I'm not sure.  As soon as I became concerned, I started taking
readings from both meters at the same time.  I'm a little worried about
giving up the Elite for the convenience of the Dex.
Anyone care to share their experience with the Dex?
Thanks.  Steve. >>>>>>>>>>>>

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