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[IP] which pump to use?

Flame? Well, if Dubjut can express his opinion, then
why can't I?  And on top of that I am adding FACTS to
the mix.  If this is an open forum, and if I am
expressing not only my opinion but FACTS, then please
don't put me down for participating in this forum as
well as responding to another's input.  If the Minimed
meets your needs, then fine.  As I said in my piece,
the pumps basically do the same thing, each with their
own bells and whistles.  What on earth does Shamu have
to do with the matter at hand?  Are you suggesting
that pump trainers know nothing about Disetronic
pumps?  Sure, if they were only trained on the
Minimed, by Minimed.  But how can you generalize like
that? And no, the Minimed does not meet the same
standard of waterproofness as the Disetronic.  Perhaps
if you were more forthcoming as to the Minimed
attributes, instead of just general denigration of the
Disetronic "outdated response to my needs" we might be
more educated and perhaps more interested.  Please let
this be an open forum, with FACTS as the basis for
opinion.  If we know the FACTS upon which you base
your opinion, then we can argue reasonably one way or
the other.  I enjoy hearing other views and opinions,
but I must respond when seeing a gushy, discussion of
something that affects my life - where facts are
vital.  This is not music, or film, or TV,or Pokemon. 
If I want to be entertained, I can take many avenues. 
I want this forum to be informative, and entertaining,
sure, but informative at its base.  So, if I am not
informed, then why on earth should I read this forum? 
Facts and opinions together can make us all better. 

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 23:44:09 ESTFrom: "Dan Betz,
Sr" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] which pump to use?
This is perhaps the best case of flaming I've seen on
this site. If Steve L. like's the "D" fine, But don't
take your hammer to another pump user, because for
them another works more to there life style.
Frankly I was sold on the "D" pump('S) also, but it's
out dated response to my need's would not be met.Why
use a system that has not kept up with the advance's
in its field of use. The model A was a great auto. But
it doesn't  take the place of my mini-van, You really
must admit there are not that many trainer's for
shammu the whale, and as for water proof, I understand
that both are required to meet the same standard for
water-resistance, no difference.....
So who likes what is all from that person's point of
view. Let's agreeto 
dis-agree.Dan B.

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