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[IP] Re: mini-vacations

> I was thinking about what Jen said about hating the fact that diabetes
> is 24/7 and never getting a break.
> Does anyone else have a favorite way of dealing with whatever aspect of
> diabetes they find most irksome??

I do a variety of things.  Certainly being more lax with control for brief periods is one option.  I also tend to reward myself in other ways.  If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I exercise less restraint with things that bring pleasure--I buy that book, see that movie, sleep in, eat out, etc.  It balances that feeling of deprivation for me.  To me, the most irksome issues are schedules (largely solved by the pump) and high, continual unexplained b.g. (like the last few weeks in the evening--perhaps time to look at those basal rates. . .).


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