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[IP] Gastroparesis rears it's ugly head AGAIN!

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis 10 years ago when I had to have my
stomach pumped every 3 - 4 weeks or throw up continuously.  It only took 6
months of ICU stays to find the problem.  I haven't ahd any problem with it
since--as long as I stay on my meds for it.  Now, I am having troubvle
again.  For the last 3 weeks, I have struggle with nausea to the point that
eating is very difficult.  I thought that this was tied to my previous
bulemia and anorexia problems, but I have decided that it is not "in my
mind."  The last three days, the feeling that I need to vomit has increased
in intensity and frequency.  I have been awakened with no warning and had to
run for the bathroom about 1 - 2 times a week since this started.  Once I
didn't make it.  Yuck!  Anyway, I am scheduled to have an upper GI and a
barium swallow test Thursday morning to see if we can find out anything.
Like the doc says, I am already on everything they have to help with it, so
if we do find a problem, he isn't sure what we can do.  I am very nervous
with this as things such as colon cancer and gall bladder disease run
rampant in both sides of my family.  My mother suggested that the nausea and
chest pain (in the mid chest just above my breast) are symptoms of gall
bladder.  I thought there was pain like a heart attack with gall bladder.  I
just feel like everything stops at that point and won't go any further.
Sometimes it is so painful for about 20 minutes before it eases up.  I am
not sure what to do to help with the symptoms until we can find out what to
do.  I am throwing up (there's nothing to throw up though) about every 15 -
20 minutes until the Phenegran takes effect about 45 minutes into it.  Then,
about an hour and a half before I can take another one, it starts again.
I'm not loosing fluids because there is none there to loose.  Any
suggestions of helpful things to do or what I might have them check for?
Thanks for any input.

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