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[IP] Where does the pump sleep?

<<We will try all the gadgets for holding it onto him - but i was hoping to
have it under the pillow - not to sure of things being strapped around his
leg during sleep due to circulation.
Thanks for Listening!
Mom to Kap - age 9 asking me everyday to call the pump man! - lol>>

    I use the little soft pouch that hangs on a shoelace type string when I
go to bed.  I thought I had lost it for several days, and trying to just
throw it in the bed, I worried about where it and the dogs were all night.
lol  I even tried to keep it in the pouch that I can hook to my belt, but
that didn't stay on the underclothes very well.  Plus, I felt like I was
loosing the underwear from the weight of the pump.  With the soft pouch i
don't lay on it.  It moves as I move, and it is kept high enough that if I
am extremely tired when I get up to the bathroom, I don't drop it in the
toilet or anything else.  Some of the other suggestions are good, but I have
found that I don't like to have it attached in ANY way to my clothes while I
sleep.  Just keep trying them out and you'll find something that Kap likes.
Good luck.  And tell Kap congrats on starting on the pump.  He'll love it!

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