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Re: [IP] Glucometer Elite vs Dex meters

My son used the Dex for about a year.  He really liked the convenience of it. 
 We thought his numbers were doing really great,  and that his A1c would be 
down because of the "good" control (numbers in good range 85% of the time).  
I personally checked the memory & ran the computer program on it! We had an 
A1c done.......13.7!!  YIKES!!   We saw a pediatric specialist & the first 
thing he said to us, was to throw the Dex away!  He said that the best place 
for it was "in the garbage can!" He said that it is very unreliable!  
Justin's numbers were probably running lots higher than the meter was 
reading!  He told us that in a consumer reports magazine, the Dex was rated 
very very low.     We switched to an Elite XL,  and for the first couple of 
days,  Justin always felt low.....even though he would test & be fine!  Dr. 
said that he was just used to be high all the time.     This is just our 
personal experience & endo's recommendation on the Dex.  He loved the 
convenience of the test disc,  but is doing really great with the Elite XL!  
The Bayer company has ALWAYS treated us really well!  They make both 
glucometers.  They replaced Justins Dex when he dropped it,  with no problem! 
 I called them with my concerns about the Dex readings, and they shipped me 2 
Elite XL's & test strips at no charge!  They also sent me a cable to use for 
downloading onto the computer!  I told them that I had just purchased 500 
strips for the Dex & they replaced them with Elite strips with no problem!  I 
couldn't have asked for more!

Mom of Justin/14   Dx'd 8/98  - not pumping yet
.....but hopefully soon!
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