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Re: [IP] which pump to use?

This is perhaps the best case of flaming I've seen on this site. If Steve L. 
like's the "D" fine, But don't take your hammer to another pump user, 
because for them another works more to there life style.
Frankly I was sold on the "D" pump('S) also, but it's out dated response to 
my need's would not be met.Why use a system that has not kept up with the 
advance's in its field of use. The model A was a great auto. But it doesn't 
take the place of my mini-van, You really must admit there are not that many 
trainer's for shammu the whale, and as for water proof, I understand that 
both are required to meet the same standard for water-resistance, no 
So who likes what is all from that person's point of view. Let's agree to 
Dan B.

>From: Steve Lazarus <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] which pump to use?
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 06:53:04 -0800 (PST)
>How can Dubjut say he chose Minimed due to it's
>reliability and durability when he 1) obviously knows
>nothing about Disetronic products and 2)is not
>acknowledging the 508C software problem.
>Disetronic came out with the FIRST pump years ago.
>They command the majority of the world market outside
>of the US.  They are a Swiss company, and the Swiss
>have the reputation of quality and reliability in
>their engineered products.  Think of Rolex, or even
>Swatch, or a Swiss Army Knife.  The fact that ALL
>pumps have to meet FDA testing should be reassuring,
>and even then, the Minimed 508 has had a software
>problem that they are now just acknowledging.  See how
>Minimed's stock has dropped from 90 before the
>announcement to 55 2 weeks later.  The market knows
>there's a problem.
>We haven't heard ANY problems with the Disetronic
>Your doctor should make the decision, not you.
>Effectively, the pumps are the same, they do the same
>things, perhaps with different features.  Minimed is
>NOT waterproof, while Disetronic IS, and Minimed's
>insulin reservoir is exposed, while Disetronic's is
>not.  Minimed does have a light, and a vibrator.  Do
>you want access to a pump right away, in case of
>problems, or do you want to wait for a Fedex tomorrow
>sometime?  Dubjut's arguments are fallacious, and they
>are the arguments that Minimed's sales people are
>trained to use.  Sounds like a Minimed shill to me.
>Just look at the other posts.  Minimed is just now
>getting input into upgrading its Softset.  Disetronic
>doesn't have a Softset, but at least the sets they
>have   work as expected and are comfortable as
>The Toyota vs. Cadillac argument is fallacious as
>well, because if you have a Disetronic (which is
>SWITZERLAND) and a Minimed (AMERICAN) that both do the
>same thing, and there is no advantage of one over the
>other, but for the extra pump, then you need to think
>of the benefits therein.  Although, the Disetronic is
>a smaller pump than the Minimed.
>Frankly, who cares which pump you have?  So long as it
>works and can take the vicissitudes of life.
>Steve Lazarus
>Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 20:32:29 -0500
>From: "dubjut" <email @ redacted>
>Dear Marcia     The reason I chose Minimed over
>Disetronics is
>and Durability of there pumps!!!         But from what
>I here they are
>great pumps and as for the remote that came with my
>minimed 508 I don't
>even use it, I wanted the 508, for the vibrate mode
>because I couldn't
>the alarms well because I've lost 30 % of the hearing
>in my right ear
>the vibrate mode works better for me!!!!     I know
>Diestronics gives
>you 2
>pumps, but if you have any problems with minimed pumps
>they send you a
>loaner fedex the very next day!!!     I find that to
>be great service,
>as for the software probs.their not that big a deal,
>they sent all the
>users a mailer instructing us on how to deal with the
>prob. Until they
>us all new 508 pumps after the first of the year!!!!
>     This is how
>feel  I hope I don't make any D users mad at me but
>here goes !!!!!!!!!
>  CJ
>Jutras   Lewiston, Maine   The Cooooooold State    AND
>I don't get a
>of nasty E-Mail}  TEE HEE  LOL
>Disetronics v- 100   2 for  $ 5500.00     Two Toyota's
>with alot of
>Minimed 508          1 for  $ 5500.00     One Cadalac
>which is simply
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