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Re:[IP] does humalog make you gain weight?

Subject: [IP] does humalog make you gain weight?
      From: "Cindy Arrowood" <email @ redacted>
      Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 18:30:39 -0800
Cindy asked:
>1) Does Humalog make you gain weight?
>(I just started pumping it and am a
>little chunkier a week later after starting)
Only if you feed the insulin instead of yourself.
If you maintained your dietary intake and also made no
change in your exercise regimen, any reducing of the
previously discarded carbohydrates by increased insulin
whether Regular, NPH, or Humalog, will mean weight gain.
>B) Is the "unused insulin rule" the same for Humalog?
Use "3 or 4 hours" for H where "5 or 6" is said for R
Not said so explicitly at, but each of these suggest:
For activity-time estimates for various insulins, see both
gives numbers and ( you may need to wade through qualifying questions
to get into Lilly's "Time Action Profiles" to see graphs: 
Here in IP we have the HOWTO page
also has the links on the 450/500 and 1500/1800
rules Regular/Humalog

This all relates to the 1994 Second edition (still current
while we await release of the 3ed) of Pumping Insulin
The 3 things different about the released in Summer1996
Humalog from "regular" , and constitute the "supplement":
1) 5 or 6 hours "unused insulin rule" becomes 3 or 4 hours.
2) 450 rule (R) becomes 500 rule (Humalog) for gCHO/unit
3) 1500 rule (R) becomes 1800 rule (Humalog) for mgdl/unit
Also see the  time schedules at

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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