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Re: [IP] things, and re: anger

At 06:26 PM 12/14/1999  Jane B Reese wrote:
 >Hi Sam -
 >I have talked to supervisors there, and getting no results from them either.
 >I told my parents I'm thinking of getting a lawyer.  Now, MM says they'll
 >send my pump back "about" 28 December.  So - that IS 12 weeks!  If I could
 >find out who is the CEO of MM, I'd send him/her a registered letter
 >complaining.  It''s inexcusable!  Any ideas?

Here's a few things to get you started (from MiniMed's web page):

Alfred E. Mann
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Terrance H. Gregg
President and Chief Operational Officer

MiniMed Inc.
12744 San Fernando Rd.
Sylmar, CA 91342  USA
(800) 933-3322
(818) 362-5958
(818) 364-5849 fax

Also try: http://www.minimed.com/files/feedbak1.htm

The MiniMed Board of Directors consist of: Alfred E. Mann; David Chernof, 
M.D.; Carolyne Kahle Davis; William R. Grant; David H. MacCallum; Thomas R. 
Testman; and John C. Villforth.


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