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[IP] Where does the pump sleep.


Congrats on your soon to be pumping adventure. My son is 7 and he has
been pumping for 2 months now. Something that has worked well for us is
sewing a baby's sock to the top of Jason's pant pajamas. I sewed in a
small amount of velcro to keep it shut and it works really well. I vary
the sides where I sew it to accommodate different sites and I have sewn
them on all of his pj's. This is from somebody that can't even sew on a
button or fix a torn sleeve. If I can do it...anyone can.  It's worth
putting up with the sewing needle jabs to see Jason comfortable while he
is sleeping (We us the rapids so we can't disconnect to put it through a

Take care and good luck pumping=>Fran

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