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Re: [IP] Hungry child

>I'd try to keep the food down to low-carb
> > stuff if at all possible.

> I'll disagree a little, only because I have 2 teens - one with
> diabetes. Both at one time or another eat like starving horses. At
> one point, Lily was using 90u/day of insulin

I agree, michael...better to raise the basals to deal with the growth than
to put them on some kind of restrictive eating regimens.  geneva is also
muscular and lean...but there are times when I think she will get FAT...but
...she doesn't...as she burns it off at age 10-11...

if you look at what she eats throughout the whole day...or even a few
days...it is not a huge amount.  but after school is the biggest time for
calorie inhalation.

mom to growing pre-pubescent on pump

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