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Re: [IP] Hungry child

> In a message dated 12/14/1999 4:58:33 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << She cann't go without eating just about every hour on the hour. 
> I want her 
>  to stop eating, so I can get her down at least once!  Would you say
>  no if your child was starving? >>
> No, I wouldn't say no, but I'd try to keep the food down to low-carb
> stuff if at all possible.  Been going through the same thing with my
> daughter today, and me since I've been trying to diet (I'm the

I'll disagree a little, only because I have 2 teens - one with 
diabetes. Both at one time or another eat like starving horses. At 
one point, Lily was using 90u/day of insulin. That year she grew 4 -5 
inches and gained about 30 lbs -- all muscle. She's lean and shapely, 
we're not talking any excess here. Kids this age go thru these 
phases. Work on her diabetes management and let live as she would 
like to.
email @ redacted
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