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Re: [IP] Hungry child

> What do you guys do when your child is high (Summer has been high
> for 3 weeks; 300-400s) and wants to eat, eat, eat.  I understand she
> feel hungry, all that glucose trapped in her blood and not getting
> released, but I can't get her down because we continue to bolas,
> snack, bolas, snack, bolas, snack. 
>  She cann't go without eating just about every hour on the hour.  I
>  want her 
> to stop eating, so I can get her down at least once!  Would you say
> no if your child was starving?

I wild guess would be that her basals are off. With Lily, there were 
dramatic basal requirement changes that produced results just like 
you are seeing. If I recall, other parents have experienced similar 
highs when their kids have gone into growth spurts. Insulin is the 
only hormone that lowers bg's so it doesn't appear like you have a 
lot of choice in terms of what you need to do. Lily's doc simply 
advised us to be careful and agressive if we thought it was right.
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