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Re: [IP] things, and re: anger

At 01:02 AM 12/14/1999  Jane B Reese wrote:
 >Amy -
 >I am also hating MM.  When I got my pump - Jan 1999, it worked well, but the
 >screens flashed by too fast when I pressed that "SEL" button.  OK, they said
 >send it back to us, and we'll adjust it, but OH by the way, it will take 12
 >weeks.  But - while we're working on it, we'll send you a substittute pump.
 >OK, I agreed.  I sent my precious pump off on Sept 18 and they got it Sept
 >28 - that's when the 12 weeks start.  To date, they have sent me FOUR pumps,
 >and every one has stopped working!  MY pump is due to come back to me
 >"around" December 28th.  Hello!  Is this customer service????

Did you demand to talk to a supervisor?? I would have been on the line to 
MM management after the 2nd one stopped working. By the 4th one, I would 
have been trying for the CEO.


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