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[IP] Exercise, angry child, guilt, and things

It's impossible for me to read every post on this list. But I do enjoy the
sense that there are others who share my experiences.

I f there is one constant that almost all people with diabetes who enjoy
good outcomes--long term goo health without complications--the one thing
that just about every one of them does is EXERCISE!

I was 10 years old when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I never allowed my
parents to give me injections. ( I was urine testing then--imagine my mom
trying to help me with that!) Perhaps part of the problem with these angry
teenagers is that their parents are putting too much pressure on them and
not giving them enough control. Any time someone in my family said "You
shouldn't be eating that," I got angry--not because of my diabetes but
because they were putting her nose in my business. Am I being harsh, yes I
just hope I'm being harsh enough. A person who does not have diabetes can
never possibly understand what it's like!

Also, I'm shocked by some of the things I read here--Whenever I hear a
person with diabetes say that they had complications because at the time
they weren't taking care of themselves, I wince. Recently someone told me of
a fellow diabetic who went blind because he didn't take care of himself. I
had to correct--He went blind because he had diabetes, no other reason!

In at least one posting, it seems an illegal act was being proposed! A used
pump for sale? At auction? It's a prescription item to be sold only by those
with a  license to a person with a prescription.

Tight control is best, no doubt, but even the DCCT, if you read it
correctly, concluded that some individuals no matter how tight their control
was suffered from complications. 90% of all people with diabetes over 30
years get diabetic retinopathy. But don't let me hear anyone using that as
an excuse not to take care of themselves pr we'll have to stop by for an
attitude adjustment.

All right, I'm done.

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