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[IP] Diabetes Vacations

I was thinking about what Jen said about hating the fact that diabetes
is 24/7 and never getting a break.

And I was trying to figure out what we might do to make "mini-breaks" or
at least partial vacations. 

My own strategy is to sometimes let my BGs run higher than normal for a
few days -- never lasts very long, because I start to feel crappy, but
at least it frees me from the burden of calculating food for a short

A friend of mine takes pump vacations -- goes back to shots for a few
days, just to feel his body unencumbered by the pump. Never lasts very
long for him, either, because his BGs start to go wild, but still he
does it from time to time.

Does anyone else have a favorite way of dealing with whatever aspect of
diabetes they find most irksome??

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