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Re: [IP] Where does pump sleep!

email @ redacted wrote:
> But the question is - when Kap gets out of bed at night - will the infusion
> set pull out with the pump hanging down behind him bumping down the 
> stairs.

I just had this image of Pooh Bear going down the stairs on his head
because that was the way he ALWAYS went down stairs (because Christopher
Robin was dragging him by one leg!) -- Maybe Kap's pump should be named

But anyway, I sleep with the pump loose in the bed, and I've jumped out
of bed several times and forgotten about the pump, and yes, it's hit the
floor and dragged, but I haven't had any trouble with the set coming

But surely YMMV! Some people use a "waist thing" pouch or a pouch in
pajama bottoms to be sure the pump doesn't go wandering. If it's loose,
you can just move it in your sleep so as not to lay on it! I noticed
that I do that these days. But sometimes I just lay on it -- I hardly
even notice that any more!

Good luck! 

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