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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #751

I love my pump!  My education (3 years ago) went smoothly, spent 
approximately 3 hours total in four different visits.  Started right on 
Humalog first day I ever saw pump.  Tweaking the basals the first few 
months (and still sometime tweaking them)  and every thing has been great. 
 I never asked my doctor, I just did what the manual said - and Pumping 
Insulin is still my bible.

My only complaint these days is getting supplies......Started getting 
everything from Home Medical Supply, run out of Florida by Eric 
Simon....great company and wonderful service, never a problem.  Then Mini 
Med bought him out...and at first things were a little confusing during the 
transition, but my orders went through ok.     Now, on just about every 
order this year (6 or so of them) it has been like trying to drag an 
alligator out of the swamp pit!   I have had to spend two or three hours on 
the phone for one order.   I would like to order on line, but they don't 
have the test strips listed so why bother.  I normally get reservoirs, 
silhouettes, test strips and batteries.

My last order which finally arrived yesterday, took five phone calls and 
two supervisors to get resolved.   I am really getting tired of this, but 
am hesitant to change because Mini Med does bill my insurance for me and I 
am never out of more than the 20% insurance doesn't pay (after deductible, 
of course).

Does anyone else have this experience?   Does anyone have a special person 
they ask for at Mini Med that does a good job for them?  Am I expecting too 
much in the big corporate world?
And what ever happened to Eric Simon? He was a great director and will do 
well where ever he goes.

Thanks for listening...any feedback appreciated.
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL


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