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Re: [IP] things, and re: anger

Amy -

I am also hating MM.  When I got my pump - Jan 1999, it worked well, but the
screens flashed by too fast when I pressed that "SEL" button.  OK, they said
send it back to us, and we'll adjust it, but OH by the way, it will take 12
weeks.  But - while we're working on it, we'll send you a substittute pump.
OK, I agreed.  I sent my precious pump off on Sept 18 and they got it Sept
28 - that's when the 12 weeks start.  To date, they have sent me FOUR pumps,
and every one has stopped working!  MY pump is due to come back to me
"around" December 28th.  Hello!  Is this customer service????  And my pump
is NOT even 1 year old!  While my pump was NOT working last weekend, I was
back on shots, and glad that my insulin had not expired.  You know what?  It
was on the kitchen counter, in front of the microwave, when I opened the
microwave, and accidently knocked the substitute pump on the floor.
Alarmed, I put the batteries back in, and (you have to set the time, date,
etc before you can bolus) so did that, and lo and behold, it worked!  I
stayed on shots for 2 days (will re-new my insulin supply this week - NPH
and R, I'm talking about) and watched and waitied whille my pump seemed to
work.  Finally, Sunday afternoon, put my pump back in, and tested and tested
over and over.  It worked fine.  That "knock on the head" seemed to set  it
straight!  But, like you, I think Disetronic may be my next pump - they send
out a back-up, even while you're getting a NEW one!

I am SO glad for this list, becuase I know if i need help, here you all are!

Thanks, Jane

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