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Re: [IP] Re: anger issues in children, but I'd call it "tough love"

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Jen Woodall wrote:
> Oooo!!  True, perhaps, but a little harsh.  
> I say, as long as this "faze" doesn't go on too long or become too intense, 
just let it be.  Listen.  Tell her you agree that it's crappy that she has 
to go through this.  And let her go through it anyway.  I absolutely 
agree that talking to others her age who have diabetes is a good idea.  
But not necessarily for advice on how to cope, more just to have someone 
to vent to, someone who understands.

Agreed, absolutely. Kids talk to other kids that share the same problems 
much easier than they talk to their parents. I didn't mean to insist that 
she must "face" the issue, only that she think about it a little and do 
her best. It is crappy, no one should have diabetes, particularly a kid.

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