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Re: [IP] things, and re: anger

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, gianna marzilli wrote:

> Amy- this happened to me too. In my school you can't get exempted from 
> finals even if you have straight A's (darn!!!!)  but we have this incredibly 
> dumb rule that if you're late more than 3 times per semester you get social 
> probation: no after school activities, clubs, dances, prom, NOTHING. the 
> only way you can get an excused late is with a doctor's note.  Of course, 
> the school neglected to tell me this BEFORE I took the hour ride up to the 
> endo one school morning.  It didn't matter that my parents had excused me . 

Ladies! this is what a 504 plan is for. Lily's plan specifically say she 
can miss ANY amount of school due to medical reasons -- no if's, and's or 
but's. If she needs to go to the doc, if she's high/lo in the morning ad 
doesn't go to school on time or on days she changes her set, she get's to 
school whenever.... you need to revisit your 504's


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