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Re: [IP] Re: anger issues in children, but I'd call it "tough love"

Hi everyone!
    I don't know if you remember I posted a message back in September on 
emotions diabetics feel when they are first diagnosed and living with the 
disease.  Well I finished writing it and I have to pass it in on Wednesday to 
my professor.  But when this topic came up again now I find it so interesting 
to read especially with doing my paper.  
    It was a great learning experience and I thank all of you who shared 
their stories with me.  I used a couple of qoutes from a few you.  After I 
type it tomorrow I am planning on posting it on the list.  It will be long 
though probably around 10 pages.  
    For me personally I did feel angry about diabetes because I could see my 
sister who didn't have diabetes at the time eat all the good stuff, so I know 
how Eve is feeling.  Through my paper I saw the different emotions children 
go through and then the emotions that adults go through.  But what I going to 
take away from writing this paper is the support diabetics need to live with 
this disease.  I have found it so helpful reading and replying to this list.  
When I do post my paper I hope you will fing it helpful.
Thanks again!
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