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Re: [IP] anger issues in children

email @ redacted wrote:
>    Even at almost 17, Melissa still has her "moments" when she feels
> overwhelmed by her life....so I allow her to vent, to complain about all she
> "has to do" compared to her lackadaisical friends, etc etc... When she's done
> venting, the diabetes is still there, but at least she's "released" some of
> the steam that's built up. She knows it's time for venting when that old lump
> in the throat starts getting bigger & bigger!!

Hey, I'm a grown-up, and I STILL feel that way!!!!  There are times when
I REALLY resent having to deal with diabetes and other chronic problems
-- and my problems are nowhere near as bad as some others I know.

I don't see anything wrong with a child expressing anger -- even though
it's hard for the parent to deal with.

But it's also an opportunity to encourage communication, and to
encourage the child to find constructive ways to deal with the feelings
-- and that's something we ALL need to do!

Hats off to you parents out there who are guiding your children through
this tough time -- hang in there!

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