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Re: [IP] anger issues in children

Fortunately, 8
>months later I was at college and decided I should see a doctor if ***I***
>could choose her

   I'm glad someone reminded me of this:  I don't know if any of the people 
having problems with various aspects (emotional, etc.) of diabetes are 
having problems with their docs as well, but this is a HUGE part of it!!  My 
first endo was awful.  For many reasons, she always made my family and I 
feel more depressed than hopeful: it's a bad sign when every appointment 
ends in tears!!!  (and I was 16 :)  So, if your child is old enough, I would 
suggest giving them some input into the doctor choice if possible! of 
course, YMMV on the amount of input . . .obviously parents know better about 
lots of things . . .but it really matters :) --Gianna

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