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Re: [IP] things, and re: anger

Amy- this happened to me too. In my school you can't get exempted from 
finals even if you have straight A's (darn!!!!)  but we have this incredibly 
dumb rule that if you're late more than 3 times per semester you get social 
probation: no after school activities, clubs, dances, prom, NOTHING. the 
only way you can get an excused late is with a doctor's note.  Of course, 
the school neglected to tell me this BEFORE I took the hour ride up to the 
endo one school morning.  It didn't matter that my parents had excused me . 
. .they wanted the doc's note.  :( anyway it took some serioud arguing to 
straigten things out.  It's so frustrating . . . .
    On the anger thread, I've been reading the posts re: Eve and a few other 
people who are having trouble with the pump at school . . .and I guess I've 
been really lucky. I had assumed that it wasn't that big a deal, but I guess 
I was wrong!! :)  It's really too bad though - I wish more people could at 
least be open to new stuff.  (doctors included!!)  Oh well . . .--Gianna

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