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Re: [IP] anger issues in children

I was older when I was dx (16), but I still was very unhappy about missing
school for appointments.  I didn't see an endo until after I turned 17.
The first appointment was not that bad.  The second appointment went very
badly.  I went low in the beginning of it, and I got in one of my nasty low
moods, but was unable to snap out of it.  By the time I saw the doctor, I
was in a very bad mood, and basicial a huge witch.  The endo started it by
asking my mom "How have your little girl's blood sugars been?"  I was on
the attack.  Mom noticed this instantly before I had a chance to open my
mouth and said "Be nice."  Watching my face she saw this had no effect and
then continued "I'll take you to get chinese food afterwards IF you
behave."  I behaved fairly well for the rest of the time (I told him that I
do my blood sugars and I am the one in control, but I did this without
losing my temper so it counted).  I flat out refused to go back to the endo
and refused to go to my peditrian as well after that.  Fortunately, 8
months later I was at college and decided I should see a doctor if ***I***
could choose her (I was determined for her to be a her, not a him) and she
was not an endo.  She is an internal med who focuses on diabetes.  And
eventually she convince me to see an endo (she doesn't start people on
pumps (for reasons I agree with) which is where I was headed and she knew I
was just being stubburn).

So, I would make sure that your child can at least tolerate the doctor.  My
mom knew I wasn't happy to begin with, but it quickly got way out of hand.
Even if she had forced me somehow (she tried bribing, but she never found
anything good enough, or a way I couldn't wiggle out), I know I would have
been purposely doing my best to be non-compliant in his eyes.  You are a
huge part of your child's care, so is your endo, but if your child doesn't
agree, you won't get anywhere (with the exception of really little kids).
I know at 10 I could be very resourceful when I wanted to be.

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