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[IP] things, and re: anger

HI all--
 Were you referring to endocrinologist or therapist
 Here's my take on things, probably going to be long,
been a very stressful day and I am hating MiniMed now
and don't think my next pump will be through them.
 I've had diabetes since I was 5. It was more my
parent's responsiblity than mine probably until I was
10 or so. Then I was dong my own shots, etc. My endo
had me doing not too much. He is the same guy I saw 3
weeks after diagnosis, and personally I don't want to
keep gonig there. 
 I'm in 11th grade now and when I hit Middle
school/high school it became a hassle, the biggest in
high school (10th grade here) because EVERY absence
was unexcused and I make straight A's, but if you have
a certain # of absences, despite the reason, you
canNOT be exempt from exams. i had a big issue with
that...I could make straight A's but b/c I needed to
see a doc once every 3 months I wouldn't qualify to
miss my finals...this year they made an exceptoin.
Last year, what I did was I saw my endo in the summer
and worked with the local fmaily doctor until April,
b/c my endo had no appts on any of my breaks--so i had
8 months go by with no appts with the endo, but I saw
my local doc every 2 months..he/she wasn't much help
(i swithced in january). My a1c was constantly under
7.5, but i had too many lows. I got back on schedule
this year, by making an appt for Nov. when I had a
thursday off school, but am bakc in teh bind. I
personally agree with Eve and don't like missing
school for a 2 hr drive an appt and then a long drive
home, and it being counted against you. I would
suggest trying to get appts on breaks...fall break,
christmas break, spring break and summer if
MY endo won't do that, and that may be where this list
comes into play., I think i need a more supportive
endo, one who actually knows something about the pump.
I'm in No. VA, any suggestions of one with good pump
knowledge willing to work with a teen?
 has Eve gone to camp? You can make soem great friends
there, who understand about the diabetes issues as
well. It may just help to talk to someone. I think
someone your own age is best, just my own personal
opinion, but if not possible, at least someone in a
similar situation..meaning a person with type 1 as
well...or maybe at a teen/preteen support group.
It is rough. I rmemeber 7th grade was rough b/c it wsa
the first year in middle school and kids teased me b/c
I had diabetes, but it makes you a stronger person
once you can overcome it.And Michael is right, the
pump is the best tool available. Sometimes you just
feel like no one can understand.
 I'm just blabbing on, I'm sorry. I'm tired of my own
pump probs lately adn MM has yet to get an order
correct. Insurance won't go for rapids yet, but i was
supposed to reorder last week and am still waiting,
Disetronic sent me samples and i've already used them
 and today is only monday:-( I'm high now and I don't
know why, just another rough day...talking does help..
 Take care, 
 aol sn--arm8783

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