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Re: [IP] anger issues in children

> missing too much school. Where we live most specialists only have
> daytime hours or she misses school b/c we don't want to wait forever
> for an appt. or she needs to miss school for travel time. I'm at a
> loss of what to do.
> Any help with these problems would be appreciated.
> Deborah mom to Eve 12
> Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

See if she is willing to speak to her peers. I would suggest
Amy   email @ redacted
Gianna   email @ redacted
Lily   email @ redacted

These girls are all a little older, but have had diabetes for some 
time. Basically Eve needs to come to grips with the fact that life 
goes on. That she has been given a marvelous tool to help her manage 
her diabetes and that she has caring supportive parents. She can take 
advantage of the opportunities she has or sit in the corner and sulk 
about her misfortune. It might not be great to have diabetes, however 
she is in fundamentally good health and has the where-with-all to 
remain that way and to lead a normal productive life. Perhaps some 
communication with others like her will help.

email @ redacted
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