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[IP] What to celebrate

I congratulate everyone who has a diagnosis date to celebrate!

I don't think about mine because I was diagnosed in the Dark Ages, 1964: one
shot a day, urine testing, zero understanding.

I celebrate, instead, the day I started taking my diabetes seriously: Dec.
18, 1981. That's when a diagnosis of background retinopathy the day before
sent me in tears to my first-ever endocrinologist (and diabetologist, too),
who told me: "I'll treat you if you agree to test your blood several times a
day and take at least five injections each day, too.''

All this was very new in 1981. I was very lucky to meet him: Alan Rubin, in
San Francisco, who I now see has written "Diabetes for Dummies.'' And yes,
I've called him to thank him for saving my life. (You don't want to know how
badly I was treating my body back then.)

In any case, we've all got a lot to celebrate, whether we know the dates or


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