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Re: [IP] Pump training time (was...pump Mom)

Our experience is quite different.  Allie started saline Friday, and goes
onto Insulin tomorrow.  OUr CDE has been VERY responsive in answering all
our questions, we had to track all foods for 3 weeks prior to training to
plot basals/boluses.  She's being put on a strict carbo count for the first
couple of week so we can prove out basal/bolus rates and all that kind of
thing...we're almost going back to day one of the MDI in terms of keeping it
simple...we'll begin to add in new 'wrinkles' to her routine slowly so as
not to complicate things...

We changed sets for the first time yesterday (BTW, our CDE does not use the
tape over the sil...just the sil itself.  There was a little rash around the
outside of the set, and a little red bump where the canula goes in, but the
rash went away in about a half hour....We got a few accessories from Unique
Accessories, and so far...so good...we'll keep you all advised.

We're spending a total of 12 hours over three days in training (there's also
another family training along with us).  This is a practice of about 500
patients, and Allie
s about the tenth or eleventh kid they've put on the pump.  The CDE will
call us 3x/day for the first week or so....and so far, so good.

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