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[IP] Day 6.....Love this pump!!

Today is day 6 of my pumping adventure... and I love it!! What a wonderful 
piece of technology! It has been put to the test several times already with 
this being such a busy time of year. I have been out Christmas shopping, 
going to school and church activities and even out dancing. What a wonderful 
feeling to be able to delay a meal or not worry about getting a snack when I 
am so involved in all these other activities. Best of all, I am sleeping a 
lot better, even though I get up and do a 3a.m. bg, I do not have that fear 
that my bg is going to crash during the night. A big bonus was that I was 
able to sleep in on Saturday morning and still got up and had a good bg in 
the morning.
I loved that posting a couple of days ago about what a miracle the pump was 
in that family's life. With 5 kids at home, my kids have also noticed what a 
big difference there is. This pump has been a precious gift for our whole 
I am currently using a loaner pump so I still may have struggles ahead as 
far as insurance goes but I think it is proving itself already.
Thank-you to everyone here for the help after my first site change. When I 
went out dancing on Sat. night I pinned a baby sock to my bra, under the arm 
and put my pump in there....and no problems...another trick I learned from 
Everyone have a great day!!

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