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Re: [IP] Critic's Corner :) (for readers)

Sammi, thanks for all the different titles.  Can you believe Matt was so 
emotionally distraught at diagnosis, and what i felt was "out of control" 
behavior that i called and asked for help.  I too was depressed and anxious, 
so i thought it was a good idea. So i get the councelor on the phone and he 
said that what i was describing wasn't diabetes related.  He then tried to 
"pick" my brain and see what "I" was doing to make Matt act out!  I was 
really angry and didn't know where to turn.  I did talk to the school 
Guidence Councelor and he spoke to Matt and helped him with "anger" issues 
and it was very helpful. Thankfully Matt's sugars got in a little bit of 
control and he settled down.  All is well now, thank goodness, but why would 
the councelor suggest that this behavior was not related to diagnosis?  
Anyone else have similar problems?

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